Tacky Mats Help Control Contamination When Your Home is Being Renovated

You and your significant other have reached an agreement and it’s time for a home renovation. Maybe you are looking to sell or perhaps you are just looking to make it pretty and you’ve got all kinds of ideas as to how you’re going to dress up your house and make it dazzle. Perhaps you’re going to remodel the kitchen and give it a modern touch or maybe you’re going to dress the bathroom up so it’s comfy enough to sleep in! There’s a lot to consider before and after you start and one thing you may not have thought much about is contaminants entering your home during a renovation. There’s no need to worry however, since you can control contamination easily with the right abatement tools and the perfect example of this is Tacky Mats.

Tacky Mats for Home Renovation

Dodging the Landmines

As a kid, your parents most likely insisted that you don’t walk on the carpet with your shoes. If you have kids of your own, you probably utter similar requests over and over again. And such a request makes sense! Your shoes act like public transportation, carrying unpleasant things like germs, pesticides, allergens, and chemicals that can affect your health. During the renovation process, you are more likely to bring in these pollutants since your shoes will track in soil and debris, which contain them. Without any protection, the pollutants your shoes bring in have a way of remaining on your floors. Some of the pollutants your shoes can bring in include the following:

  • E.Coli
  • Klebsiella Pneumonia bacteria
  • Serratia ficaria
  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • Fungi (hookworms, pinworms)
  • Feces (human and animal)
  • Insecticides

These “landmines” explode when your family comes in contact with them, either directly or indirectly. This is especially true with children, since their toys may pick up these contaminates from the floor.  They may forget to wash their hands after touching them and may put their fingers in their mouth, exposing them to pollutants. It is essential that you put measures in place so that you can reduce your family’s exposure. This is where Tacky Mats come into play.

Making Life Simple

Let’s face it. Cleaning up after a big job is never fun and after all that exhausting work, you just want to bask in your newly renovated home and soak in the satisfaction. We’ve all had renovation projects where our biggest fear wasn’t the job itself, but the clean up. Using a Tacky Mat eliminates the labour of the big clean up after the renovation, saving you time, money and even your health. Also, debris can cause messes that can cause permanent damage to fabrics and surfaces. So your best bet is to prevent the big clean up altogether.

Your Magic Carpet

You may think that the solution is to simply clean up any messes left after the renovation process. Throw in your mop, bucket, and cleaning compounds and you’re on your way. While traditional cleaning methods might kill or remove pollutants, some of these may survive or remain behind. Another concern might lie within cleaning compounds themselves, since they too are chemical-based and toxic.

When dealing with dirt, debris, and soil from home renovations, the best cure for potential problems is prevention. Tacky Mats provide protection in this regard since they capture pollutants from footwear. The adhesive on the sheets pulls dirt from the shoe, without causing the shoe’s surface to become tacky. When the sheet gets dirty, all that you need to do is rip it off and place a new one. They give you an easy solution to the troubles of cleaning associated with renovating, and they protect your health in the long run. They are sold in sheets that are 24” wide and 36” long. Each mat comes in a stack of 30 sheets and there are 4 packed per box.

Where Tacky Mats Really Come in Handy

If you are renovating any part of your home, using Tacky Mats is a wise idea. However, some areas and renovation projects are notorious for the amount of debris and dirt involved. Strongly consider using one if you are embarking on one of the following tasks:

Flooring and Basements: These areas usually involve water and dampness, which are breeding grounds for mold, mildew, and bacteria. If your shoes are already bringing in these microorganisms, you have just introduced them to their ‘jackpot’. Don’t forget these microbes can find their way into air vents and pipes, and spread to other areas of the house.

Kitchen: Germs have a knack for thriving on surfaces, while toxins can stick onto objects like stains. You really wouldn’t want these pollutants hovering around your kitchen, since they can become airborne. You don’t want particles to find their way onto surfaces that come in contact with food or dishes that you will use.

Living Rooms: A lot of things are happening here that you might not see. Toys rolling on the floor and falling asleep on the floor in front of the T.V. can expose you to germs, allergens, and chemicals locked in the floor. Using a mat reduces your risk of exposure to these pollutants.

So if you are thinking of renovating your home soon, consider using a Tacky Mat to make the job and your life easier. It doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals and it isn’t complicated to use. It’s as simple as peeling a sheet off and stepping on it!



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